Keep Your Christmas Lighting Costs Low with Energy Efficient Christmas Lights

Every year when Christmas lights start to pop up in the neighbour’s garden or on the high street, it’s always an exciting sign that the festive period is upon us. Whether you choose understated fairy lights or go all out with a light-up Santa for the lawn, the sparkle of Christmas lighting always creates quite a buzz. 

However, this year in particular with the cost of living crisis, many households across the UK will need to make lifestyle changes and cutbacks in an attempt to lower their energy bills. With many ‘non-essentials’ having to take a back-seat, you might be wondering, can I afford to have Christmas lights this year?

But, fear not! With a wide range of more affordable, energy efficient Christmas lights available on the market, you can still enjoy the magic of the festive season, while keeping costs low.

Incandescent vs LED Christmas lights

Traditional Christmas lights, such as coloured tree lights, are usually made with incandescent bulbs. Whilst these bulbs may be popular at this time of year, they are extremely inefficient. Only 10% of the energy the bulbs consume create light, the other 90% is wasted as heat.

In comparison, LED lights are much more efficient and require less energy to run. On top of this, LED bulbs have a much longer life, so just one set of LED tree lights, or icicle string lights can last year after year, saving you money on replacements too.

How much does it cost to run LED lights at Christmas?

Christmas Lighting Energy Consumption

To put the above information into perspective, a string of energy efficient LED fairy lights, suitable to use on a 7-foot Christmas tree, will cost roughly £1.73 to run over the festive period. In addition to this, LED lights use 90% less energy than incandescent alternatives, so no energy will be wasted.

How else can you save energy and money over the Christmas period?

Along with investing in energy saving LED Christmas lights, a great way to reduce costs this winter is to ensure that your decorations are only on when necessary or visible. 

In 2020, the average UK household had their Christmas lights up for a grand total of 43 days, but there is certainly no need to leave the lights shining 24/7 during this period. Simple changes, like turning all indoor lights off when you’re not home, or using a timer to make sure your outdoor lights are only on for a certain hours of the evening, can really help to reduce the impact of the Christmas lighting bill. 

Buy energy efficient Christmas lights at Lightbulbs Direct

Festive Indoor & Outdoor 6ft Christmas Tree Lights 760 Aurora LEDs

So with that in mind, why not take a look at our extensive range of Christmas lighting, and get prepared for the festive season ahead? Whether you are looking for twinkling tree lights, or glowing garden decorations, at Lightbulbs Direct, we have some of the best energy efficient Christmas lights on the market. 

Browse Christmas lights now at Lightbulbs Direct for a magical, bright festive season, or for a even cheaper Christmas celebration this year, check out your local Christmas Light Turn On dates.

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