Philips Lighting has won a £21 million contract to work with Unite students.

The contract involves Philips upgrading the lighting in student accommodation, owned by Unite Students, to LED lighting. The upgrade will take place over the next 2 years, Unite Students to contributing £96 million to the project with the rest funded by Unite’s co-investment partners.

Over 300,000 new light fittings and 85,000 sensors and dimmers will be installed and payback for the lighting upgrade is expected to take 5 years.

Unite is making the investment as part of their ‘Home for Success’ commitment to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings portfolio of over 120 properties in 23 UK locations, accommodating around 41,000 students. The corridors, kitchens, lounges, common rooms, outdoor areas and reception rooms of the building will all be fitted with LED light bulbs. The student’s bedrooms will be fitted with a dimmer switch and a Philips LivingColors lamp.

Managing Director of Unite Students, Richard Smith, said:

The new lighting will create a more inviting space for students which they can personalize for socializing or study. At the same time it will reduce Unite’s carbon footprint and the longer life cycle of LED lights will significantly reduce maintenance workloads for our city teams.

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