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Battery-powered Emergency Lighting

Speciality lighting manufacturer Wireless Environment is using Lightfair International to launch the SwitchSense Bulb Adaptor that is a new approach to novelty...

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Irish Lighthouse goes LED

The Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL) have input an LED light at Inisheer lighthouse last week. This lighthouse safeguards the considerable traffic...

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What to do with Old Light bulbs

If you’ve been on our Pinterest you probably already have a few ideas on how to be creative with used light bulbs...

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Philips to light up the World Cup

Philips are lighting 9 of the 12 stadiums in Brazil the World Cup using ArenaVision LED. More than 3.2 billion people watched...

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Debate over Government energy policy

In an interview with The Times Lord Lawson, of Blaby of the House of Lords’ Economic Affairs, criticised the governments energy policy....

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GE Lighting Strive to replace ALL Incandescent Light Bulbs with LED light bulbs

GE Lighting (America) has made their LED light bulbs more like incandescent lights while still having all the benefits of LED light...

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Research Results of the lighting sector

Research by MarketsandMarkets found that within six years the world’s ‘smart’ lighting sector could be worth $56 billion (£33 billion). It is...

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Cordelia Lighting Recalls Lights due to Safety Hazards

Cordelia Lighting have had to recall about 220,000 lights after 888 incidents were reported. Commercial Electric brand basic hanging shop lights that...

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Canada going LED

On Tuesday (May 20th) municipal officials agreed on new street lights for Kirkland Lake, Canada. They also agreed to get new lights...

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Philips sets Allianz Arena up with LED light bulbs

The iconic stadium features a wall of lights all around the outside which shows red and blue (the team’s colours) on match...

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