One of the most famous (and romantic) landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower, has provided festive lighting for many years and has had incandescent lamps, neon lights, sodium lamps, high-pressure lamps and now it’s lit with LED light bulbs.

The Eiffel Tower has had a long history of lighting and we’ve picked our favourite:


10,000 gas lamps accented the steeple and platforms. Two projectors on the Tower top lit up the other Parisian monuments below. At the time the lights were considered the most powerful in the world.


A giant chandelier containing 10km of fluorescent tubes was installed on the first floor

Eiffel Tower and Paris at night


1,290 spotlights are installed on the grounds of the Champ de Mars to light up the Tower from below

eiffel tower


On New Year’s Eve the Eiffel Tower was lit up by 350 high-pressure sodium light bulbs which gave the tower the gold-toned look it still has now


The Eiffel Tower is once again covered in diamond-sparkling lights that were displayed every hour for 5 minutes from dusk till 2am


The tower celebrates its 120th birthday by offering a light show every evening in LED lights. Each LED light is individually controlled so can offer a greater variety of light shows.

If you have any favourite Eiffel Tower light shows not mentioned above, please feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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