When you mention lanterns at this time of year, we think of toothy grimaces carved into pumpkins – and they’re destined for the bin the following week.

But don’t let that scare you off outdoor lanterns. In fact, if you’re looking for something to give your home lasting atmosphere and character for years to come, they are far more treat than trick. So let’s take a not-so-spooky stroll through a style of lighting that puts aesthetics first, and truly completes your home’s look.

Timeless style for a classic look

Coast Bianca Wall Lantern With PIR Sensor Black

Lanterns aren’t simply functional lighting. Every outdoor lantern placement is properly considered to make them as beautiful when they’re off as they are when illuminated. Traditional Victorian style lanterns combine vintage class with modern technology, even featuring motion sensors, low-energy LED lighting and resilient weatherproofing. You can rest assured that these hard-wearing, timeless designs will keep your outdoor spaces both stunning and well-lit for years to come.

Coast Bianca Triple Head Post Lantern Black

If you’re looking to go the whole hog for that romantic London street scene, why not choose full-size Victorian-style lampposts to line your walkway or frame an outdoor dining space?

Zinc ERIS Outdoor Fisherman's Lantern Pale Blue

For a more rustic seaside vibe, our fisherman lantern styles bring an early 20th century New England charm that pairs perfectly with light cladding and distressed wood. You’ll find them in a range of chic shades, with subtle differences that change your overall look in surprisingly dramatic ways.

Lanterns may last, but they’re not stuck in the past

Ledvance 9.5W SMART+ WIFI CUBE wall light Warm White + Multi-Colour

Not every home suits the vintage look, but that doesn’t mean that lanterns shouldn’t still be on your shopping list. You can lend a touch of class to modern minimalism just as easily with statement wall lights and brushed stainless steel lanterns that provide the perfect accent to contemporary architecture. If you’re inclined towards a smart-home with a playful feel, Wifi-connected colour-changing LED lanterns aren’t just energy efficient — they can completely change the feel of your outdoor space with a simple button press.

Warmth or cool white? LEDs do it all.

Smart Solar LED CONGA Patio Lantern Warm White Black

Even if you don’t go for the full spectrum of colour, you still have fantastic options for creating the ideal ambience with your outdoor lanterns. Cool white LED bulbs make the most of your space, bringing a touch of fresh daylight to the evening hours. Warm yellow/white LED bulbs bring a more autumnal feel, which is the ideal match for the gas-light styling of a Victorian lantern. Better still, you’ll be keeping your energy consumption low — whichever look you choose.

To save even more energy, and for added security, choose lantern lights equipped with PIR motion sensors and daylight sensors. Better still, you’ll find a selection of beautifully-bright, wireless solar lanterns in our range.

A stylish choice — and an easy one.

Zinc CARNAC Outdoor Up or Down Wall Lantern Black

When your lighting has to be as striking as the outdoor space itself, energy-efficient, stylish lanterns are hard to beat. With some thoughtful placement, they’ll both start conversations and inspire your guests. Most importantly, you’ll appreciate them more every evening you spend outside, from summer sangria to winter mulled wine.

Browse our full selection of outdoor lanterns, and make your illumination a little more lovely.

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