Iceland stores have replaced the fluorescent tubes on their freezers with GE Lighting Immersion LED refrigerated display lighting.

Fluorescent lighting has trouble working in low temperature surroundings and it can be difficult for them light back up after being turned off meaning that the light have to be left on all the time. This obviously results in higher costs and an unnecessary waste of energy. The obvious solution was to fit LED lights as they emit less heat, work better at low temperature and use less energy. They can also be turned on and off easily. As part of Iceland’s initiative to cut down on energy usage, they are replacing switch-start for high frequency control gear on their sales floors in partnership with GE Lighting, providing a 30% energy saving.

Project Manager at Iceland, Graham Ireland, said:

Traditionally, with the use of fluorescents, food retailers have always battled to strike a balance between reaching optimum product performance and saving energy. GE Lighting’s Immersion LED system has overcome this, as we now have a product that offers long life and excellent light quality at low temperatures, with minimal energy usage.

Specification Sales Manager of GE Lighting, James Fleet, said:

Fluorescent tubes require an ambient temperature of 25c to operate optimally. Embodiment within freezer display cases consequently means light levels are compromised impacting merchandise illumination. Additionally, fluorescent lamps have difficulty re-striking in sub-zero temperatures forcing many retailers to operate the display cases 24/7, consequently consuming needless energy out of trading hours. Immersion LED fittings perform well at low temperatures, distributing light evenly and achieving higher average illuminance, maximizing visual impact. In addition, they are significantly more energy efficient and can be turned off without detriment.

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