In America, lighting accounts for approximately 23% of a hotel’s energy cost. In an attempt to cut electricity costs, Hubbell Lighting announced a new lighting program expected to cut costs by 60% and increase profitability by 5.58%.

The program, called createchange®, involves a suite of unique audit tools and other product selection resources implemented with Hubell Lighting consultants that allow hotels to precisely forecast the economic impact of various lighting retrofit strategies and identify any utility rebates that are available. It also involves a 90 day trial program, called Compare in the Air, which allows customers to validate cost saving estimates in buildings or outdoor environments with up to four Hubbell Lighting products. Once the trail finishes, customers can decide to keep or return the products.

President of Hubbell Lighting, Scott Muse, said:

Making the change to energy efficient lighting and controls offers hotel owners an incredible opportunity to make their businesses more profitable. Our createchange®program offers the hospitality industry as close to a guaranteed energy and maintenance savings as exists. The createchange® program for the hospitality industry is even more powerful when coupled with out Cash Flow Positive program. With a simple approval process, we will fund your entire lighting and controls upgrade; including all products, installation and project-related materials and services. Even better, wherever possible, we will structure the financing to ensure that energy cost savings are greater than monthly financing costs, which means that hotels will experience an immediate positive cash flow. We are in a situation today where the economic advantages of new lighting technologies are a given. Now we need to spur adoption. That is why createchange® is so important.

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