Golfball light bulbs are a common bulb shape found in smaller light fixtures with limited space. But with so many bulb types and shapes on the market, understanding the difference between each can be hard — so we have summarised all the key features of golfball bulbs, to help you decide if they’re what you’re looking for.

What is a golfball light bulb?

As the name suggests, golfball light bulbs are compact, round light bulbs, designed to fit in smaller, or more decorative fixtures, that are tighter on space. As these lights are so small, often the bulb itself is not much larger than the base.

Golfball light bulbs may sometimes also be referred to as round bulbs, but this term is more of a catch-all, and can include other types, like globe bulbs.

Golfball bulbs are usually used in table lamps or wall lights, and due to the aesthetic, modern appearance of golfball bulbs, they can also often be used as a decorative element in fixtures with exposed bulbs.

Is a globe bulb the same as a golfball bulb?

While golfball bulbs exhibit the same spherical shape as globe bulbs, they are much smaller in size. Golfball light bulbs are typically only around 45mm in diameter, while the diameter of a globe bulb can range from 80-125mm. 

What is the brightest golf ball bulb?

When considering the brightness of golfball bulbs, look at the lumens number rather than the wattage. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb. 

Generally, LED bulbs are considered brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs, as they output more lumens per watt. LED golfball bulbs are also great as they are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan.Our brightest LED golfball lights range from 470-806lm, such as these Crompton LED golfball bulbs, available in warm white pearl, warm white opal, and daylight opal

What are the different types of light bulbs?

Some of the most common light bulb types include reflector, candle and globe bulbs, and each is appropriate for a range of different fixtures, as with golfball lights.

For example, while reflector bulbs are great for spotlights, or candle bulbs are well-suited to vintage wall lights, golfball light bulbs can bring a slightly more modern or fashionable style to your home, and work brilliantly in small, decorative light fittings.

Conclusion: Now you know the main features to look out for to identify a golfball bulb, and can be confident in avoiding confusion with globe or other bulb types, all that is left is to decide the style. Whether you prefer opaque, pearl bulbs, or exposed filaments, we’re sure to have the right golfball light bulbs for you. 

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Nick CS

I need to replace a mirror array of 7No 40w B15 pearl golf ball bulbs with LED bulbs. The existing switch is an old style dimmer. I don’t necessarily need to dim. Please recommend replacement bulbs and switch ( if required)

Cheryl Ashmore

I need a small screw red edison golf ball bulb red for my eletric fire that let’s of heat to work the disc that spins round in the fire so hard to find please can you help


Which are the correct golf ball bulbs fir a dimmable Hollywood make up mirror