The PNC Arena in America is the first National Hockey League arena to incorporate LED technology into their buildings.

The Centennial Authority, who own the PNC Arena, have invested $650,000 in the new lighting system. The new system will help the Centennial Authority to meet its sustainability goals and to coincide with the 2014 NHL Sustainability Report.

The new lighting has been developed by Musco who installed the original lights in 1999. Musco will be using Cree products for the arena.

The new system will have many benefits for athletes, the audience in the arena and the television audience. There has been more than 20,000 LED light bulbs put in to more than 200 fixtures that will help to stop glare, benefitting everyone. The control system has instant on/off and dimming capabilities which helps to conserve energy and allow for enhanced lighting special effects. Musco has installed this system in other indoor arenas where it received major reductions in energy consumption. Musco offer a 10 year warranty meaning there will be no maintenance costs.

Vice President and General Manager of PNC Arena, Dave Olsen, said:

Musco has delivered. The LED installation was on time and within budget, but most importantly has provided a product that will undeniably provide an improved viewing experience during Carolina Hurricanes hockey and NC State men’s basketball games.

Vice President of Developmental Sales for Musco Lighting, Jeff Rogers, said:

The Centennial Authority and Gale Force Sports & Entertainment are committed to providing an experience like no other at PNC Arena, and our solution will help them take a big step in that direction. The system’s cleaner, brighter, vastly superior light will enhance everyone’s in-game experience and at the same time provide a more sustainable and energy efficient solution.

The first viewing of the new lighting will be when Hockey team Carolina Hurricanes play on Sunday September 1st.

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