Chepstow in Wales will be joining the likes of Chichester, Leicestershire and Worcestershire in switching off their street lights.

The switch off will be in effect from the 28th of August and the lights will be off from midnight till 5am. They hope to save £180,000 in the switch off as part of a £9 million cost reduction by Monmouthshire council.

However, people are worried that turning the lights off will be dangerous. The manager of Bulwark-based M&R Taxis, Chris Whittaker, voiced his worry that pedestrians are hard to spot in the dark and may be dangerous when drunk people cross the road.

Owner of Jay’s Taxis in Chepstow, Jay Adams, agrees with Whittaker:

It is more a case that it makes people harder to see, and if you can’t see them, you can’t see what they are up to. It is more trouble in the long run.

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