The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) pulled out the fluorescent T5 lighting that had been lighting the office spaces at 3 Whitehall Place, London and instead fitted them with Philips LED light bulbs. There were around 1,300 fittings across 8 floors.

DECC installed the lights in under a month. The project cost £401,000 to complete which included upgrading the heating and cooling system, and reduced energy consumption by 25 to 30%. Not only has the overhaul reduced energy consumption that LED light bulbs improved the lighting in their workspace. A spokeswoman said it boosted brightness by 100 lux. It is estimated that the department will save between £22,000 to £29,000.

The DECC said on the refit:

Compared to retrofits in most comparable buildings, which tend to use relatively inefficient T8 tubes, the energy savings are slightly lower. However, they are very significant. Moreover, there are additional savings to be had from the switch to LED lighting in the form of lower maintenance costs – it is claimed that LED luminaires typically last 5 times as long as the fluorescent equivalent.

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