If you’re going to decorate your house for Christmas at all, chances are you will include some Christmas lights. Whether for the Christmas tree, for hanging in windows, or for the outside of your home, there is now a huge range of Christmas lighting available.

If you want to get the best out of your Christmas lights, we have some tips that might bring you some good cheer.

Use complementary colours through your home

Whether your Christmas lights cover the full-colour spectrum, or you prefer some subtle white lighting, carrying a theme through the inside and outside of your home can create a striking effect. Matching the colour of your Christmas tree lights to those in your window or garden is a simple way of making your home stand out from the crowd.

Incorporate modern winter decorations for a stylish twist

Christmas decorations no longer just consist of fairy lights, streamers and baubles. The Christmas season has increasingly become the focus of modern interior design trends, and there are easy ways to incorporate this into your own Christmas decorations. Wintry LED lamps like icicle effect string lights or these bottle cork lights can add some style to a room throughout winter, but will also fit right in with your Christmas decorations.

Make a garden look bigger by illuminating its furthest points

Christmas is a great opportunity to take full advantage of your outdoor space. By illuminating the furthest points of your garden at night, it will seem bigger than if you just place lights directly outside your door.

It might not be feasible to string fairy lights around the entire perimeter of your garden (if you can go for it!), so pick some points that you would like to light. Focusing your lighting on your favourite garden features is an easy way to decide on the layout. Similarly, if you know certain areas will be used much more, concentrate your Christmas lights on those spots. 

Dress your other trees, not just your Christmas tree

If you have trees in your garden, make sure to take advantage by dressing them in their own Christmas lights. Safety first, though: make sure you have adequate ladders to reach high enough. If the branches aren’t easily reached, even wrapping some fairy lights around the trunk of a tree can create a beautiful Christmassy feel. Take the time to evenly space light strings for a more put-together look, and make sure that your lights are IP rated, otherwise they could be damaged if left outside in adverse weather conditions (for more information about IP ratings, see our guide to IP ratings).

Combine your lights with your other decorations

One of the first moves when decorating for Christmas is to add fairy lights to your Christmas tree. These days, there are many other types of Christmas decorations that have LED lights incorporated into them. Sometimes these can be expensive, but the same effect can easily be replicated using your own lights. Simply weave some fairy lights into a Christmas wreath or through a garland to make them stand out even more. Be sure to choose lights of the right length for the job.

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