Britain was named the second largest lamp recycler in Europe.

Britain had collected and processed 5,370 tons of lamps coming second to Germany who collected and recycled 9,600 tons. The Environment Agency’s figures show that the UK has achieved a year on year increase in lamp recycling rates since 2008, from 23.2% to 52.8% in 2013 and contribution to European lamp recycling is expected to increase further.

Award winning UK recycling company, Recolight, is WEEE compliant and is the main source of recycled lamps. As they have said themselves:

Recolight, the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme, has contributed significantly to the increase in UK lamp recycling having recycled more lamps, LED light bulbs and luminaires than all other UK schemes combined.

CEO of Recolight, Nigel Harvey, said:

The quantity of LED lamps being returned through the lamp waste stream is currently very low – less than 0.1%. Inevitably, over the next decade, the proportion of LED in the lamp waste stream will start to rise. But it could be as late as 2050 before we get a waste stream that is 100% LED.

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