Thomson Airways is replacing their old fluorescent lighting with LED light bulbs.

According to research, after smell, light is the most important factor for passenger’s comfort levels – coming before vibration, climate and noise. The new lighting systems not only make the appearance of the cabins better buy cause little disruption to the aircraft structure.

CEO of STG Aerospace Lighting, Nigel Duncan, said to Runway Girl Network:

We’re trying to produce a very simple drop in technology that has as much cross-platform functionality as possible. Occasionally, we run into a different connector or mounting, but so far we’ve been able to replicate the operating circumstances for about four incumbent systems and replace them with one LED lighting technology that doesn’t require any aircraft side modification, other than connector charges. We’ve replaced the overhead and downwash lights using essentially the same electronic technology and circuits across all four variants. UV entering the cabin ages panels over time and although there’s not much you can do to stop the effect, there is the potential for illuminating the cabin in a way that minimizes the appearance of that aging. We’re interested in helping airlines extend the longevity of their cabins, as well as making journeys more pleasant for passengers.

A quote from STG Aerospace’s website said:

It features significantly increased reliability over traditional lighting systems, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance costs and also delivers important environmental benefits. Not only is liTeMood® up to 40kg lighter than original-fit fluorescent lighting, it also consumes 70% less power, increasing both the aircraft’s fuel and electrical efficiency.

Image belongs to STG Aerospace.

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