The right lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a wedding ceremony or reception. If your wedding is to take place in a beautiful church or grand country manor, ugly wedding lighting could really ruin the mood.

With that in mind, we’ve picked four different LED lights that we think would make the perfect wedding lighting.

LED Silver Heart Fairy Lights

String lights are nothing new, but these heart-shaped LED string lights offer an elegant, tasteful alternative to traditional fairy lights. Each of the delicate LED light bulbs emits a lovely warm white light, casting a beautiful glow from among the heart shapes.

The lights look beautiful when wrapped around handrails, trailed up banisters, or even along church pews. As they are battery powered, you don’t even need to worry about plugging them in.

Flameless LED Mood Candles

You won’t find many wedding venues that will allow the use of real candles. The risk of them being knocked over by boisterous children or tipsy adults is far too great.

If you really want candles at your wedding, use these flameless LED mood candles instead. They are made with real wax, so they look like authentic candles, but instead of a flame, they have a flickering LED light inside. Without looking closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell these candles apart from real ones, and they won’t cause any damage if knocked over.

Cinematic LED Light Box

How about a fun, playful way of sending a message to your guests?

This cinematic LED light box allows you to write your message in lights, using a set of letters that simply slide onto the front of the bright white box light. It’s perfect for greeting guests at the entrance to your wedding. Alternatively, for a great way to remember your big day, leave a bunch of disposable cameras with the light box and let your guests take pictures with their own messages for you.

Flame Atmosphere LED Garden Spike Light

The lamp contains 96 individual LED light bulbs, which flicker and dance like a real flame, giving off a cosy warm white glow. The lamp is encased in a stylish, modern-looking cage, which casts beautiful shadows around it.

The lamp sits on top of a spike that can be set to a range of heights, from a standard spike light close to the ground, to a taller stake light that would look great alongside entrances and pathways.

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