If you’ve recently moved into a new property, or decided the interior of your home needed to be refreshed, you’ll likely have been spoiled for choice with the lighting fixtures available at Lightbulbs Direct. In addition to upgrading your lighting fixtures, you may also want to consider upgrading your broadband. Slow and unreliable broadband can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, making ultrafast broadband an incredibly attractive alternative.

What is ultrafast broadband?

Ultrafast broadband is currently the fastest speed of broadband available in the UK. To put it into perspective, superfast broadband needs to reach speeds of 30 Mbit/s or more, whereas to be considered ultrafast, it must reach speeds of 300Mbit/s or more. Ultrafast broadband not only promises fast download speeds, but it is also an incredibly reliable connection, making it ideal for busy households who rely on a stable and fast internet connection.

Top benefits of ultrafast broadband

Some of the main benefits of ultrafast broadband include:

  • Fast download speeds: this enables you to stream high-quality TV shows and movies from your home at lightning speed, so you never have to wait for a video to finish buffering.
  • Strong connections: Whether you’re joining a video call for work or FaceTiming a family member who lives across the globe, with ultrafast broadband you can be confident your video is clear and never lags.
  • High capacity: Small businesses and busy households alike can benefit from ultrafast broadband as multiple users can be using the broadband at once without any individual or team losing their connection.

Who needs ultrafast broadband?

If you are a single-person household, do not work from home and do not regularly stream entertainment, it is unlikely that you will require ultrafast broadband. Individuals/groups who will likely require and may benefit from ultrafast broadband include:

  • Large households: Families, especially with older children/teenagers, who may all use the internet at the same time.
  • Gamers: Individuals who regularly game and require fast download speeds to ensure their games do not lag.
  • Small businesses: Small businesses who rely on a fast internet connection to connect with clients and other employees.
  • Remote worker: An individual working from home who needs to stay connected to the internet throughout the day.

Find out more

If you would like to switch to ultrafast broadband, it is beneficial to research if ultrafast broadband is currently available in your area and compare the deals available to you. Comparing broadband deals ensures you find the best value deal for your unique needs.