Famous car company, Audi, have developed new LED lights that can detect when other vehicles are on the road and begin to dim their lights to reduce hazardous glare. This new technology is called the Matrix LED.

The self-dimming feature only works when the driver has the headlights set to high-beam and selects the automatic function. When the headlights detect a car they dim a certain area of lights to avoid impairing the oncoming drivers vision while continuing to cast their full light in the area surrounding other vehicles. This works because each headlight is made up of around 25 LED lights which can be individually controlled.

Another feature of the matrix LED lights is a cornering light. By using the predictive route data supplied by the navigator system the focus of the beam is shifted towards the bend before the driver even begins to steer the wheel.

There is also a marker light that works together with an optional night vision assistant so if a pedestrian is detected in front of the vehicle individual LED light bulbs will flash briefly three times in succession to alert the pedestrian and making them clear for the driver to see.

Head of Development for Lighting Functions and Innovations at Audi, Stephan Berlitz, said:

The Matrix LED headlights are a perfect example of our lighting strategy. They are three-dimensional, dynamic and interactive.

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