British Prime Minister, David Cameron, caused a stir with low energy enthusiasts and building controllers when he announced new homes will be exempt from energy standards.

He has announced plans to build ‘starter homes’ aimed at young first-time buyers at discounted by 20% – if the Conservative form the next government.

CEO of the UK Green Building Council, Paul King, said:

This is incredibly short-term and counter-productive thinking. A new zero-carbon home is likely to save householders over £1,000 year-on-year on their energy bills compared to a Victorian equivalent, and yet costs builders as little as £3,000 extra to build.

Chief Executive of the LABC (which represents Local Authority Building Control departments), Paul Everall, said:

We regret the u-turn in government policy. High standards of energy efficiency can be delivered without adding significantly to the cost of new homes, The benefits of zero carbon standard are obvious. Buyers receive considerable benefits in increased comfort and lower bills. So when they come to sell their property and move on, who will want to buy such sub-standard homes?

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