Philips have been embracing new technologies and changing the way lighting is used.

Green Sense Farms near Chicago is a large indoor farm with two climate-controlled rooms made specifically for growing crops. Philips has been working with Green Sense to develop different lighting techniques for different crops.

The Philips LED light bulbs emit the most appropriate wavelength of light for each plant so they can be grown indoors. The LED light bulbs can be programmed to produce different wavelengths of light (some invisible to humans) suitable to each individual type of crop. The LED light bulbs are able to go right next to the plants as LED light bulbs don’t get hot.

This is important for future prospects because many companies are now turning to technology for an implement in food sourcing to help feed the world’s growing population.

Philips is developing partnerships across an array of industries to exploit the many different opportunities that LED lighting provides. This includes changing the design, change the way food is produced and provide ambient information.

Other LED lighting techniques Philips are working on are light bulbs that change colour when your spouse calls or retail lighting that tracks you while you shop.

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