Struggling to make a decision?

Unsure of what light bulb to buy or just need some lighting advice in general?

Here at Lightbulbs Direct we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service team. It is our goal to ensure you are happy and informed when making your purchase. Our highly trained teams can help you on almost any query.

That is why we have been writing this blog, with it’s Help Guides, for many years now.

But just in case you cannot find the help you are after, why not try talking to our expert customer service team?

They can give you advice on the best light bulb to buy when you’re confused by colour choice, energy saving, cost effectiveness, decorative, life expectancy or outdoor lighting.

Despite our wide range of products, our staff is fully informed on each one, so you’re in safe hands whatever you’re looking for. Also, every member of staff is a homeowner so they know exactly how stressful it can be to try to get the right lighting. Ordering through the phone is ordering from real people.

When you place an order over the phone, you may be eligible for a discount that may not be realised to the public yet.

So order now by calling: 01494 723 286.

Image: Courtesy of Master The New Net
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