LED based lights are being fitted to cars to increase safety.

A recent Leapfrog Lighting Poll showed light quality is the main reason business owners opt for LED.

Energy savings were expected to be the main reason business owners chose LED light bulbs, as they save money and help the environment. However, 31.4% of business owners chose the lighting quality of LED light bulbs.

The Leapfrog Lighting poll asked a random sample of 200 business owners and managers the question: What is the most important reason you are considering (or have used) LED lighting in your business?

Out of the 31.4% that chose quality, Consistent quality of lighting was at 16.9%, Pleasant environment to work in was 8.4% and the remaining 6.1% pleasing for retail/gallery displays. Only 18% chose I’m not considering LED lighting.

Statistics by age group:

35-44 year olds were most likely to choose energy savings at 62.9% and the 45-54 year old business owners were more likely to choose quality of lighting.

Statistics by income:

Those with higher income chose lighting quality, only 43.8% chose energy savings.

Statistics by lifestyle:

Suburban business owners were more likely to rate energy savings at 57.8% while urban ones choose quality of light at 42.9%.

Statistics by region:

Western US was most likely to choose energy savings at 61.4% whereas the East chose light quality at 42.2%.

Statistics by gender:

Females were much more likely to favour energy savings at 62.5% while males were more likely to choose quality.

While the individual categories provide different results, the overall choice was the light quality.

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