A petition signed by hundreds of people was handed to Oswestry council asking for the streetlights to be turned back on.

Oswestry had been voted by councillors to switch to part-night lighting in April but has since received complaints from residents who say there has been an increase in crime since the switch off and that it’s too dangerous. There had also been problems with the light such as some lights going off too early and others not working.

John Gareth Jones, Town Mayor, said:

I voted for the lights to go off initially. In retrospect if we had the facts about what LED lighting would have done, I think the saving could have been made then. We do need to look at it again because there are dangerous places in Oswestry. I’ve had no end of complaints.

The town council agreed to look at options to restore lighting in residential areas at night, having a one on, one off system or changing the time that the lights go off.

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