The Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL) have input an LED light at Inisheer lighthouse last week.

This lighthouse safeguards the considerable traffic between Inisheer and Co. Clare. It also makes the south-eastern end of the Aran Islands and the western side of the southern approach route to Galway Bay. This means good lighting is essential as Inisheer lighthouse is an important Aid to Navigation (AtoN).

This new light will provide reliable and low maintenance lighting for Inisheer lighthouse for approximately 16%. The exhibition of the new light marks a significant milestone within the major Capital Refurbishment Project currently being carried out at the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is 34 metres high to make sure the light is clearly visible to ships. A red sector if the light delineates the potential danger of Finnis Rock lying in the East.

The renovation project includes replacing the optic lamp with a new flashing LED light source in the existing lens. The light range is now 18 White and 11 Red which is reduced from the previous 20 White and 16 Red but will remain the same colour.

The original 6kW Standby Diesel Generator which powered the lighthouse as a standby has been replaced with 24V batteries and chargers that can provide for six days.

The removal of the Standby Generator will reduce maintenance as well as the LED light bulbs. This also requires less electricity so reduces those costs too.

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