It still feels like there’s some way to go before we can all start to enjoy the lighter and finer weather spring will hopefully bring.

The nights are just starting to get a little lighter though, and shortly, you will be able to focus your attention on the outside of your home, and what lighting may be needed through the warmer months. 

Indoor lights are a popular choice for our customers all year. So, if you’re searching for warm and cosy lighting in your living room, or even a wall light to enhance a living room feature – you’ll find the best selection for every room in our range.

Without further ado though, allow us to introduce you to some options to help you along the way – and we’ll start with the living room.

Indoor lights: living room

living room lights

Your living room is your place to sit back, relax and show off your home, and our varied range has a number of options which means you can create the right ambience whatever your indoor setting or occasion.

But, what about that cupboard in the corner or your living room, that requires some additional lighting?

Ledvance DOT-it TOUCH High LED Cupboard Light

Our Ledvance DOT-it Touch furniture light is compact, incredibly easy to install, and is powered by a simple rechargeable battery. It’s absolutely perfect for lighting up small places like a wardrobe, cabinet and under cupboard lighting.

Once the battery is empty, simply remove the DOT-it from the magnetic holder and the battery can be recharged using the USB cable supplied.

This particular indoor light produces 32 lumens of bright white light. The DOT-it TOUCH can illuminate a wardrobe or cupboard, allowing you to easily see the contents.

Not only can this battery-operated light be switched on and off at the Touch switch, but also dimmed continuously.

Indoor lights: kitchen

Kitchen lights

If you’re looking for a dimmable downlight, spotlights, or discreet lighting that’s ideal for attaching under cabinets, we have you covered with our kitchen range of lighting.

At the moment we’ve a couple of sale items that you may find helpful. For example, the Phoebe LED 1200mm Link Light 15W Cool White Diffused Under Cabinet.

This 1200mm integrated LED light is the longest in a range of lengths from Phoebe LED.

The range is designed to replace the compact fluorescent alternatives that are not as reliable, less efficient and less elegant. Do take a look.

Indoor lights: hallway

It may be that you require a light bulb for your drop light or pendant? Or wall lights to illuminate your hallway?

Hallway lighting doesn’t just have to be functional, and our unique collection has a range of options to help you create the right ambience throughout your home.

One we like to recommend is the Osram LED MR16 Spotlight 4.9W GU5.3 12V Dimmable Parathom Cool White 36°.

This energy efficient LED MR16 spotlight light bulb is not just high-quality, it’s the professional replacement for old 35W halogen spotlights, and offers the same brightness, whilst only using only a fraction of the energy.

It really is perfect if you want to upgrade to LED light bulbs while ensuring that the new light bulbs will not look out of place with existing fittings.

So there you have it, our quick whistle-stop tour of indoor lights, and the type that may be of interest to you.

For the full range, head over to the product pages, or get in touch with a member of our team who would be delighted to help.

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