Japanese company, Fujitsu, has developed an LED light that collects data.

The light does not just detect statistical data but things like shining the light on an item can link you straight to where you can buy it. The technology uses red, green and blue coloured light to embed data about an object into an LED light that is unseen by the human eye. Each individual LED light contains an ID code to reflect off the object. Users with smartphones cameras can then point their camera at an object and the light will collect data by reflecting off the object. Your smartphone will then load a link with information about the object.

Fujitsu hope to get the light to:

  • Provide product information just by pointing the smartphone at an object and to handle automated payment and delivery
  • Stream video just by pointing a smartphone at an exhibit in a museum
  • By pointing a smartphone at a stage with a performer on it will automatically download the song being performed
  • Display information or commenting in the users native language by pointing a smartphone at a historical building or plaque at a tourist destination

Fujitsu also hope to make this commercially available in 2015.

All images belong to Fujitsu

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