Fineline Lighting, a visuals and lighting company, was the provider of lighting for Glastonbury festival 2014.

Fineline Lighting have done Glastonbury’s lighting for 20 years and this year did the lighting and support systems for five stages. This included the: Acoustic, Cabaret, Circus, Astrolabe Stages and HMS WOW.

The project consisted of 130 moving heads, 38 crew members and over 350 lighting fixtures.

Each stage was lit to match the style and energy of the acts performing at each one.

The Acoustic Stage was lit with a ‘rock’n’roll set up’ and had a ground support system to give the lights some flexibility.

The Circus Stage lighting had to be ‘exciting and edgy’. The position of the lights also had to be carefully planned due to the vast array of performances. Some lights were positioned on the floor and because of their motorized tilt and zoom features could highlight the aerial acts.

The Astrolabe Stage was lit an arts centre of theatre would be lit. The changeover of acts was quick and with the acts being so varied the lights had to be easily re-adjusted.

The Cabaret Stage needed lighting with a bit more to it. All lighting and pixel-mapped LED décor elements were fun by an Avolite Tiger Touch console and powered by Avolites Art2000 dimmers.

The WOW ‘Stage’ was fronted by DJs and dance music so the lights were set up accordingly with fast-paced bright lights.

WOW Stage LD, James Harrington of Team Love, said:

We are really happy to have had Fineline supplying the kit for the WOW Stage this year. The kit’s good and the Fineline team are great to work with.

MD of Fineline Lighting, Rob Sangwell, said:

We all love working at Glasto. It’s grown enormously in recent years but still retains a very special and unique atmosphere. While it is a challenging environment for staging the high levels of production required, as a local based company, for us there is an additional resonance, all of which makes us very proud to be involved.

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