Edinburgh council plans to replace stair lights in 14,000 tenement blocks with LED light bulbs as part of a £9 million overhaul which will see over 90,000 lamps replaced.

Under the current lighting scheme, each year, 10,000 repairs on tenement stair lights are carried out and 20,000 lights are replaced. The city council currently spends around £2.1 million each year on lighting. The LED switch is meant to save up to £1 million a year.

Speaking to Edinburgh Evening News, Councillor Ricky Henderson, city housing leader said:

To get better quality and more environmentally friendly lighting, we will tender for that work. The investment will need to be taken out of reserves but will be put back over a period of time because the lights will be more efficient and the maintenance costs will be reduced. We will need to check out what type of lighting [contractors] are proposing, what type of fitting, as well as the costs, so there will be that sort of quality testing throughout the tender process.

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