Jake Dyson, son of James Dyson who invented the bag-less vacuum cleaner, is taking after his father with his own invention. He has developed an LED light that will last for 40 years.

The light is called Ariel and will be released through his company Jake Dyson Products (JDP). The light will last at its full brightness if left on for 12 hours a day for 40 years, it will not fade as some lights do. The long lifespan isn’t the only impressive thing about Ariel, the light is WiFi enabled so can be controlled remotely from an app. It also has sensors that allow the brightness to automatically adjust to sunshine and darkness. Not only that but records energy consumption and converts the information into KW/hour costs in the country it’s installed in.

Jake Dyson said:

There’s activity going on with Google Nest and Apple. There’s a lot of work towards home connectivity and lighting is obviously a big part of that.We feel that we’re certainly on top of the game. And we want to be ahead of it.

The light costs £1,400 and while it can be used in homes is aimed at places such as airports where it is difficult to change the lights.

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