Energy Minister Greg Barker has rejected a call for the UK to be exempted from the European Union’s ban on incandescent bulbs.


Conservative MP David Nuttall said that the UK should push for a ‘complete exemption’ from the rules that have phased out incandescent lamps. as part pf a re-negotiation of it’s EU membership.

Nuttall said: “[The UK should be given back] the right to be able to use whatever lightbulbs we want – without being told so by the EU.”

Barker defended the ban by saying: “By having energy-efficient light bulbs, we are driving innovation and driving down people’s electricity bills. We do not want to go back to having high-cost energy bills and turning our back on innovation.”

Labour MP Sheila Gilmore also asked whether people with photosensitive health conditions can use incandescent bulbs.

Barker replied by saying: “The UK is sympathetic to concerns raised about the potential health impacts of lighting… and will press the European Commission to take this into account in the upcoming review.”

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