Cordelia Lighting have had to recall about 220,000 lights after 888 incidents were reported.

Commercial Electric brand basic hanging shop lights that use two, 48 inch, two pin, T8, fluorescent lamps are being recalled. The shop light is a metal light fixture with four plastic lamp sockets and a white finish. The lamp sockets have to be snapped in to place during installation. The lights were sold exclusively at Home Depot.

Cordelia Lighting received 382 reports to the light smoking, 328 reports of the lighting catching on fire, 173 reports of the units sparking and 5 of units with electrical arcing. This was caused by the lamp socket allowing loose connections. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Anyone who owns the product have been asked to stop using and unplug the lights immediately and return them to Home Depot for a full refund.

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