Whether it’s for settling a baby to sleep, or just for finding your way around the house in the middle of the night, a good night light is a must for any household.

Below we’ve picked out the 5 best night lights for all members of the family.


All Areas

Ledvance NIGHTLUX Battery LED Sensor Night Light

The Ledvance NIGHTLUXnight light is battery operated, so doesn’t need to be wired to the mains, making it a portable, versatile alternative to bright light bulbs and ceiling lights.

Use in entrances or hallways, place several along corridors to help you find your footing in the dark, or use it as a softer bathroom light. With an IP54 rating, this mobile light is even suitable for use outdoors.

Firstlight Projector LED Night Light 0.5W Automatic Dusk Til Dawn RGB Silver

For Midnight Wanderers

Firstlight Projector LED Night Light

This neat little night light plugs into any UK 3-pin plug and projects a colourful but soft display onto the wall. The light features an automatic dusk til dawn sensor so the light only operated in the hours of darkness.
It is about as easy to use as a night light can be, the perfect option for those occasions when you don’t want to dazzle yourself by switching a bright light on at night-time.

Gro Egg 2 unique colour changing room thermometer and nightlight

For Parent and Child

Groegg 2

For new parents, trying to tell if baby is warm enough can be a bit of a guessing game. This update to the award-winning Groegg night light and room thermometer takes all the guesswork out. The digital temperature display is easy to read in the middle of the night, helping to keep your baby safe from over-heating, while the innovative silicone night light is colour-coded to different temperatures, meaning you can judge whether it’s too hot or cold at a glance.

Ledvance NIGHTLUX Battery LED Sensor Stair Light

For Stairs

Ledvance NIGHTLUX Battery LED Sensor Stair Light

A battery-operated night light designed to to be placed at the side of the stairs to help avoid nasty accidents in the middle of the night. Features a downward light emission which helps you find your footing in the dark.

The integrated motion sensor means that you don’t need to worry about switching the light on and off, and will illuminate just at the right times.

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