Earlier in the year Plumen’s newest release, the 002, won the award for Best British Sustainable Design in the Elle Decoration British Design Awards 2014.

Plumen prides itself on being the creator of the 001, the world’s first low energy designer light bulb that saves energy while remaining accessible to everyone. A quote from its website reads:

By balancing efficiency and design with practical realities, we bring desirable energy efficient bulbs to a wider audience.

The bulbs are designed to be on display instead of hidden away in a lighting fixture. Plumen also offers a range of drop cap pendants for the bulbs, making them easier to display. The range is stylish and uses 80% less energy than a standard incandescent.

Plumen’s newest bulb, the 002, is another unique design that looks great on its own without a lighting fixture, winning it the Elle Design Award. The 002 is now available to buy from LightBulbs Direct as of 2015.

Plumen’s next aim is to design its own unique LED bulb…

All images and videos belong to Plumen

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