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Selling Your House? 3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

It is the burning question for anyone looking to sell something: how can I get the most for what I have? Selling...

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Could this Bulb protect your home from Burglaries?

A security light bulb has received investments of $40,000 after one day on Kickstarter. The security light bulb called the BeON Burglar...

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Lights to go back on in Oswestry

A petition signed by hundreds of people was handed to Oswestry council asking for the streetlights to be turned back on. Oswestry...

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Has Shropshires Switch Off caused a Crime Increase?

There has been many stories about how certain cities partaking in part-night lighting have feared that there will be a rise in...

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New Orleans releases LED light bulbs to worried residents

The newly installed LED streetlights in New Orleans have left residents fearing that the streets aren’t lit well enough. New Orleans East,...

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LED light bulbs to help stop ‘secret photos’

A research team in Japan have developed a system that used LED lighting to disable camera functions on smartphones. In 2012, smartphones...

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Kent Police do not support Council’s Switch Off

The police in Kent have told the City Council that they cannot support the council’s part-night lighting scheme. The police told the...

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Residents fear less light could lead to more crime

The lights in Peaksfield Avenue, Grimsby have been replaced with LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs shine directional light limiting light pollution...

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