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How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

Switching to LED light bulbs is hugely worthwhile. Why? Because this light source is renowned for being incredibly long-lasting. LED light bulbs...

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Colour Temperature – What Does It Mean?

If you’ve never heard the terms ‘colour temperature,’ ‘warm white,’ or ‘cool white’ before, that’s because these things weren’t important considerations in...

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Dimming for Dummies – Your Complete Guide

Your Complete Guide to LED Dimming, Dimmers and Dimmable Light Bulbs. Understanding the dimming process can seem challenging and complicated at first,...

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Light Bulb Safety, Handling and Disposal

When a light bulb breaks, do you know how to properly dispose of it? Getting rid of old, broken light bulbs is...

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Glossary of Lighting Terms – A-Z of Lighting

Lighting can be an immensely tricky business, so to help make things a little easier, we’ve put together a glossary of all...

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Why Should You Switch to LED Tubes?

There has been a lot of attention towards LED tubes in the consumer market and this blog will explain why people are...

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Warm White vs Cool White

Customers who are new to LED technology don’t realise that LED light bulbs come in different variations of ‘white’. With traditional incandescent...

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