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Nike release trainers of the Future

Nike plan to release ‘Back to the Future 2‘ shoes later this year. In the popular Sci-Fi trilogy, the second film features...

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Could This Be The Next Lighting Breakthrough?

Company Rohinni have created the thinnest sheet of light called lightpaper. Lightpaper is made by mixing ink and tiny LED light bulbs...

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The Times Square New Years Eve Ball

A look at the history of the famous New Year Ball Drop in Times Square, New York. The New Year Times Square...

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Fujitsu creates new LED technology

Japanese company, Fujitsu, has developed an LED light that collects data. The light does not just detect statistical data but things like...

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The New Technology: Lasers or OLED light bulbs

There have been a few stories in the news recently about new lighting technology advancements. The progression of OLED light bulbs is...

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University of Phoenix Stadium is refitted with LED light bulbs

Ephesus Lighting of Syracuse in New York has recently refitted the lighting at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium is to...

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