By now you must be thinking, this is old news for us hardened incandescent light bulb retailers.

The EU banned the 75W incandescent light bulb on the 1st August 2010, we (the UK) had to deal with this over 2 years ago. However, the uproar in the USA almost mirrors the uproar we had here ourselves in the UK.

The Daily Mail led the ‘charge of the light brigade’ with their article on the 7th Jan 2009 here in the UK and millions of people started stockpiling old-style incandescent lamps.

Hundreds of articles and news stories later we are where we are today. The Osram news previously posted outlines exactly how the ban of our incandescent lamps will be phased out in the up and coming years. As you can see the up and coming ban for the UK will be of the incandescent striplights commonly found in shaving lights and architectural lamps commonly found in many homes and offices requiring uninterrupted lines of light.

Whether you need Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent or LED technology, Lightbulbs Direct offers the best available options across the ranges at the best prices.

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