Snowplanet, in Auckland, New Zealand, has been refitted with LED light bulbs.

The 350w lights were replaced by 140w LED light bulbs and will save the building 150,000 kWh per year saving them up to $22,000. The expected power savings for Snowplanet were so substantial that the light cost and installations were covered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) of New Zealand.

As well as a large decrease in energy, the new lights are brighter, more uniform and make the snow look whiter. The brighter and clearer lights also improved safety.

Facility and Site Manager, Stuart Hindley, said: “We wanted a whiter, fresh look to the snow and a lot more light so parents could watch their kids from the top of the run while sitting in the viewing lounge below. Potentially there could be 180 people on the slopes and a disruption to the power could leave us without light for up to 5 minutes. [The] improved light also presents commercial benefits with our better lit billboards having more impact for advertisers.”



Images belong to Lux Magazine

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